Christ & Salvation

Eric J. Lehner

Spring 2019

Christ & Salvation is the third of four courses in the seminary’s core of systematic theology. The title indicates the two focal points of the course. As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to competently articulate the biblical basis for core doctrinal beliefs in Christology, including the humanity and deity of Christ, as well as his pre-existence, incarnation, kenosis, union of natures, resurrection and ascension. The student will similarly demonstrate the ability to articulate the biblical basis for core doctrinal beliefs in Soteriology, including election, calling, regeneration, faith, repentance, conversion, justification, union, adoption, sanctification, eternal security, perseverance, and assurance. Finally, the student will show the ability to discuss these theological themes in a manner that is aware of and consistent with his/her own theological method.

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Course Textbooks

  Systematic Theology 3 - Demarest  Systematic Theology 3 - Grudem 

Course Requirements

  • 30% - Reading (approx. 1500 pages)
  • 30% - Quizzes (weekly)
  • 40% - Writing Assignments (2 @ 7-8 pages)