Exegesis of Philippians

Exegesis of Philippians

Wesley T. Davey

Exegesis of Philippians provides a narrow set of parameters in which the student might test, reinforce, and add to the skillset acquired in “Grammar” and “Exegetical Methods.” In this course, attention will be given not only to technical features of the Greek language, but also to the relationship between “exegesis” and “theology”—disciplines often cordoned off from each other as discrete practices. Moreover, this course will also place emphasis on helping the student develop an original argument that brings light to an exegetical detail or theological dimension that has been underattended within contemporary scholarship on the Letter to the Philippians.

At the conclusion of this course, the student will 1) master all vocabulary words appearing in the letter to the Philippians, 2) map the argument structure of the letter to the Philippians, 3) evaluate contemporary approaches to producing a Pauline theology, 4) produce an exegetical-theological argument addressing a selected feature in the letter to the Philippians, and 5) cultivate greater facility in sight-reading NT Greek. 3 credit hours.

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Course Requirements

  • 20% - Participation
  • 20% - Course Reading
  • 15% - Book Review
  • 30% - Paper & Presentation
  • 15% - Final Exam