Hebrew Exegetical Method 1

Mark A. Hassler

Thursdays 9:30a-12:45p

Hebrew Exegetical Method 1 equips the student for the exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures. It introduces a methodology for exegetical research, and majors on syntactical, literary, and diagrammatical analysis.

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to (1) produce a clear and accurate translation of his selected passage using a Hebrew lexicon; (2) identify and define the grammatical and literary features of his selected passage with the assistance of appropriate resources; and, (3) construct a logical (block) diagram of his selected passage using a computer. An adequate diagram retains the Hebrew word order and displays the syntactical and literary components accurately and neatly.

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Course Textbooks

(The textbooks shown below were required the last time this course was offered. Required textbooks for the 2018 course offering will be posted soon.)




Course Requirements

  • 45% - Paper
  • 24% - Translations
  • 16% - Reading
  • 15% - Exam