Hebrew Grammar 2

Tuesday & Friday 8:00-9:30am

Hebrew Grammar 2 is an introduction to biblical Hebrew designed to equip the student with a basic vocabulary and an understanding of the essential principles of phonology, morphology, and syntax with an emphasis on translation and a view toward exegesis.

As a result of successfully completing this course, the student will achieve an intermediate-level understanding of phonological, morphological, and syntactical categories within biblical Hebrew; will become able to recognize most vocabulary terms occurring fifty or more times in the Hebrew Bible; will attain greater facility in identifying fundamental grammatical elements while sight-reading passages from the Hebrew Scriptures; and will gain greater proficiency in reading aloud the Hebrew text of any passage in the OT.


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Course Textbooks




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Course Requirements

  • 15% - Reading Assignments
  • 15% - Textbook & Translation Exercises
  • 10% - Class Presentations
  • 35% - Vocabulary & Syntax Quizzes
  • 25% - Exams