Principles of Preaching

Daniel K. Davey

Wednesday 8:00-10:15am

This is an introductory course to preaching and the mechanics which surround the preaching event. The student will become well-acquainted with the sevenfold preaching paradigm which surrounds the preaching event. This comprehensive model presents seven necessary ingredients for effective preaching which include such items as developing the student’s personal philosophy of preaching and encouraging the proper outline-structure of a biblical passage for the purpose of clear and effective preaching. 

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the professor’s preaching paradigm called Preaching for Life Change. In addition the student will learn the mechanics of preaching through the S.P.E.A.C. Model which will prepare the student for the preaching event itself. 

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Course Textbooks

No textbooks are required for this course. However, click here to view a list of books related to preaching that Dr. Davey recommends to aspiring preachers.

Course Requirements

  • 20% - Weekly Reading Assignments totaling 700 pages (10)
  • 20% - Written Sermon Evaluations of 1-2 pages each (10)
  • 20% - Project 1 (Application of 5 NT words on preaching)
  • 20% - Project 2 (Review of a Jonathan Edwards' sermon)
  • 20% - Project 3 (Sermon Outline)