Readings In Theodicy

Eric J. Lehner

Jan. 11, Feb. 1, March 7, April 4, April 18
(10:00am-12:00pm each day)
*MBSC, MDiv, or ThM Only

Readings in Theodicy is a study of issues related to “the problem of evil” as discussed within the sphere of systematic theology and apologetics. The prerequisites for taking this class are enrollment in the MBSC, MDiv, or ThM and also the completion of Theological Method, God, & Scripture. The course is an advanced reading and research seminar. As a result of reading, research, writing, presentation, peer-review, and class discussion, the student will be able to: 1) summarize the historical and contemporary contexts of the problem of evil; 2) evaluate the problem of evil in view of questions pertaining to human will and divine sovereignty; 3) formulate a biblical response to the problem of evil; and 4) articulate a pastoral approach to the problem of evil.

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Course Textbooks

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Course Requirements

  • 50% - Reading (1800 pages)
  • 50% - Research Presentations (4)