Seminary and the Youth Pastor - Is Bible College Enough?

In my undergrad, my academic advisor counseled me with something like this, “Well, if you’re planning to be a youth pastor, I’m not convinced that learning Greek will be all that beneficial for you.” Is that right? Is learning Greek beneficial for running a youth ministry? Should a soon-to-be youth pastor invest in a seminary education that involves rigorous Greek and Hebrew study? Well, I am an MDiv grad, and I am writing for a seminary blog, so my obvious answer is, “Of course!

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Alumnus Spotlight – Michael Wilburn

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lexington Baptist Church, pastored by Michael Wilburn (alumnus of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary). Located in the backyard of the Civil War and nestled in the mountains of central Virginia, Lexington Baptist Church is a thriving community of believers. After spending a morning with these brothers and sisters in Christ, I left refreshed – for several reasons:

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Choosing a Seminary like a Tennis Pro

When I was growing up, I was an avid tennis player. My dad drove me to junior tournaments all around the state of Virginia. I loved it. And I wanted to win every time I stepped on the court! In order to keep winning, the time came when I needed a stronger serve, a better under-spin backhand, a better top-spin forehand, and a more powerful overhead volley.… I needed to take lessons from a professional.

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