My Friends’ Marriage is Falling Apart! Top 5 Questions to Help Me Be a Marriage Counselor for Them

Good news travels fast. So does bad news. In a typical month my wife and I will have several individuals make contact with us about marriages that are going through significant trials. Sometimes these calls are from a spouse whose marriage is in a tailspin. More often than not, these calls are from believers trying to help a friend or family member’s marriage . . . or pastors trying to establish biblical traction to help a family in their flock. The sad reality is that the calls are frequent . . . the problems are real . . . the hope is dissolving.

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Seminary and the Youth Pastor - Is Bible College Enough?

In my undergrad, my academic advisor counseled me with something like this, “Well, if you’re planning to be a youth pastor, I’m not convinced that learning Greek will be all that beneficial for you.” Is that right? Is learning Greek beneficial for running a youth ministry? Should a soon-to-be youth pastor invest in a seminary education that involves rigorous Greek and Hebrew study? Well, I am an MDiv grad, and I am writing for a seminary blog, so my obvious answer is, “Of course!

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The Seminary Wife, Part 1

When a husband sets his sights on seminary training, this decision alters not only his life but also the life of his family. Often, the wife agrees that seminary training is vital to future ministry and wholeheartedly encourages her husband to pursue this rigorous study. In other families, however, the wife only reluctantly comes to the seminary endeavor to discover that the Lord does a work in her own heart during this time. In either case, a seminary wife plays a vital supporting role. To help today’s seminary wife understand the value of her role, I asked some former seminary wives for their insight and counsel. They encouraged current and future seminary wives with regard to the areas of time, family, and personal sacrifice.

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Charles Hodge and Robert Lewis Dabney: Lessons from Seminary, Secession, and Old School Presbyterianism

About a year ago the Lord graciously situated our family in the ministries here at Central Baptist Theological Seminary and Colonial Baptist Church. Having never lived in the South, I anticipated a learning curve in adjusting to the culture and climate of Virginia. While the former has been somewhat an easier acclimation than the latter (I’m still working on the humidity!), I’ve been seeking avidly to familiarize myself with the geography, history, and people of our new home.

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Alumnus Spotlight – Michael Wilburn

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lexington Baptist Church, pastored by Michael Wilburn (alumnus of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary). Located in the backyard of the Civil War and nestled in the mountains of central Virginia, Lexington Baptist Church is a thriving community of believers. After spending a morning with these brothers and sisters in Christ, I left refreshed – for several reasons:

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The Importance of an Accredited Online Seminary Degree

“I want to learn more about the Bible and prepare for more effective ministry. Now what?” Choosing a seminary can seem a bit overwhelming. There are often many issues to consider such as, where will I live? How will I support myself or my family? Which local church will I join? Is the seminary community a good fit for me and my family?

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