The Search for the Historical Adam

Last week in two separate blog posts Carl Trueman, a well-known theologian, church historian, and pastor, pointed to some recent developments in the ongoing discussions within evangelicalism over creation and human origins (see here and here). Dr. Trueman outlined a number of significant consequences that follow from the conclusions reached in this debate. Embracing evolutionary interpretations of the origin of life rather than the traditional, divine fiat view of creation in Genesis 1, Trueman argues, leads to an erosion of the traditional Christian understandings of complementarianism, original sin, and the person of Christ. In time such conclusions eat away the foundations of the gospel itself. He concludes that “the question of Adam is arguably the biggest doctrinal question facing the current generation.”

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Ignorant of Satan’s Devices

When Paul wrote to the Corinthian church concerning the restoration of a brother under discipline, he cautioned them about letting Satan gain advantage of them. In this connection he made the somewhat “side comment” that we are not ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices (2 Cor 2:11). However, in reflecting on this passage, I must confess that I wonder how true that is today. That is, among believers today, how aware are we of Satan’s devices?

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Deck the Halls…Lock the Doors: Holidays as a Radical Disciple of Jesus Christ

We have officially rounded the corner into my favorite time of year. The changing leaves, the colder temperatures, the roasting turkeys, and the Christmas music puts a skip in our step and a smile on our face. Bing will sing again. We’ll sing our hearts out with him, decorate the home, make lots of stuff with cinnamon, and plan the holiday visits.

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My Friends’ Marriage is Falling Apart! Top 5 Questions to Help Me Be a Marriage Counselor for Them

Good news travels fast. So does bad news. In a typical month my wife and I will have several individuals make contact with us about marriages that are going through significant trials. Sometimes these calls are from a spouse whose marriage is in a tailspin. More often than not, these calls are from believers trying to help a friend or family member’s marriage . . . or pastors trying to establish biblical traction to help a family in their flock. The sad reality is that the calls are frequent . . . the problems are real . . . the hope is dissolving.

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Seminary and the Youth Pastor - Is Bible College Enough?

In my undergrad, my academic advisor counseled me with something like this, “Well, if you’re planning to be a youth pastor, I’m not convinced that learning Greek will be all that beneficial for you.” Is that right? Is learning Greek beneficial for running a youth ministry? Should a soon-to-be youth pastor invest in a seminary education that involves rigorous Greek and Hebrew study? Well, I am an MDiv grad, and I am writing for a seminary blog, so my obvious answer is, “Of course!

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The Seminary Wife, Part 1

When a husband sets his sights on seminary training, this decision alters not only his life but also the life of his family. Often, the wife agrees that seminary training is vital to future ministry and wholeheartedly encourages her husband to pursue this rigorous study. In other families, however, the wife only reluctantly comes to the seminary endeavor to discover that the Lord does a work in her own heart during this time. In either case, a seminary wife plays a vital supporting role. To help today’s seminary wife understand the value of her role, I asked some former seminary wives for their insight and counsel. They encouraged current and future seminary wives with regard to the areas of time, family, and personal sacrifice.

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