Eric Lehner

May 8–11 & June 19–22, 2018 (Tues–Fri 9am–12:30pm)

*Online Option

Apologetics is an introduction to the theological discipline of defending the Christian faith. The course will address the theological justification for apologetics, the necessity of engaging the discipline on the epistemological level, and the utility of the discipline for the gospel ministry.

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to: 1) demonstrate familiarity with terms, ideas, and literature pertinent to the field of apologetics; 2) articulate the relevance of systematic theology and epistemology to apologetic method, 3) evaluate and address the fundamental problems attending systems of unbelief, 4) dialogue more effectively with those who embrace non-Christian worldviews, and 5) continue into intermediate studies in apologetics.

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Course Requirements

  • 25% – Reading (1220 pages)
  • 10% – Class Participation
  • 40% – Worldview Response Project
  • 25% – Comprehensive Essay