Biblical Archaeology & Excavation Practicum

Mark A. Hassler

May 20 – June 14, 2019
8 Workday Minimum

Participants in this archaeological excursion to the Holy Land receive hands-on experience at the active excavation site of biblical Shiloh, as well as on-site training in the tools and techniques of archaeology, selected field trips to important biblical sites in Israel, and evening lectures on the topics of biblical archaeology. Instruction focuses upon the principles, practices, and apologetic value of archaeology. In the field, participants can choose to lend their unique skills, such as surveying, drawing, and metal detecting. The excavation season is one month long, but for course credit, students must participate for a minimum of 10 days (8 workdays).

As a result of taking this course, the student should be able to (a) explain the basic methodology for archaeological fieldwork, (b) distinguish the major archaeological ages, (c) discuss the value of archaeology for biblical studies, (d) locate visited sites on a map and recount their historical and biblical importance, (e) understand the factors that complicate the interpretation of some archaeological finds, (f) show an awareness of the various eastern cultures within the land of Israel (ancient and modern), and, (g) communicate the contribution of particular cultural, geographical, and historical elements in the contexts of preaching, teaching, and writing.

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Course Textbooks

*The course syllabus will contain more recommended titles. 

Course Requirements

  • 45% – Excavation Participation
  • 10% – Lecture Attendance
  • 10% – Field trip Attendance
  • 15% – Textbook Reading
  • 20% – Debrief Assignment