Exegesis of Daniel

Mark A. Hassler

Tuesdays 9:00am–12:15pm

ThM Option

Hebrew Exegesis of Daniel is an exegetical analysis of the book of Daniel, specifically the Hebrew sections (1:1–2:4 and 8:1–12:13). Special attention goes to handling translational issues and resolving interpretive difficulties, with a view toward exposition and theology. 

As a result of taking this course, the student should be able to (a) translate clearly and accurately Daniel 1:1–2:4 and 8:1–12:13 into English using a Hebrew lexicon; (b) use the recommended methodology for exegetical research; (c) exegete designated excerpts according to the authorial intent; (d) identify pertinent grammatical, syntactical, and literary components; (e) demonstrate innertextual connections within the book of Daniel; (f) discuss the potential contributions of the ancient Near Eastern historical sources; (g) better evaluate commentaries and articles that expound the book of Daniel; and (h) defend the evangelical position concerning the book’s authorship and date of composition. This course is 3 credit hours and has prerequisites of Hebrew Grammar 1 & 2 and Hebrew Exegetical Method 1 & 2.

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Course Textbooks


Course Requirements

  • 10% – Textbook Reading
  • 5% – Class Participation
  • 15% – Typed Translations
  • 20% – Oral Translations
  • 15% – Article Research
  • 35% – Exegetical Paper