Greek Exegesis of Thessalonians

Thomas K. Dailey

Greek Exegesis of Thessalonians is an investigation of Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonian church based on the Greek text. The course is designed to uncover the meaning of each letter by working through both its structure and argument as they are set forth in their original language. Extending beyond the discovery of its original meaning, the course will investigate their contribution to both biblical and systematic theology.

Upon successful completion of the course assignments along with active class participation, students will be able to:

  • develop proficiency in reading the Greek NT (along with the textual apparatus);
  • refresh and strengthen the steps involved in Greek Exegetical Method;
  • expose the meaning of a selected portion of the Thessalonian Letters from the narrower perspective of basic morphology and lexical semantics to considerations taken from the broader discourse level;
  • reframe the meaning of the selected text for the purpose of contemporary relevance;
  • and explain the manner in which Paul structures the overarching message of each letter.

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Course Textbooks


Course Requirements
  • 15% - Rapid Greek Reading
  • 20% - Weekly Quiz
  • 15% - Research Topics
  • 25% - Exegetical Paper
  • 15% - Reading
  • 10% - Lesson Outline