Mark A. Hassler

Thursdays 9:30am–12:45pm

Online Option

Hermeneutics prepares the student to discover and assess guidelines for the interpretation of Scripture. Students will test various criteria for interpreting literary elements, such as symbolism, and literary genres, such as narrative, poetry, parables, proverbs, and prophecy. We will observe how the prophets and apostles used Scripture and discuss whether Christians should emulate their hermeneutic.

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to (1) define at least twenty key terms using an approved definition; (2) distinguish hermeneutics, exegesis, and theology; (3) defend the concept of authorial intent and explain the relationship between author, text, reader, and community; (4) describe trends and tensions in the field of study; and (5) discover and evaluate principles of interpretation by reading Scripture and the academic literature. Acceptable hermeneutical principles honor the authorial intent, apply to the whole Bible, yield consistent interpretations, and employ appropriate qualifications. 3 credit hours.

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Course Requirements

  • 15% – Reading
  • 15% – Scripture Memorization
  • 40% – Capstone Project
  • 10% – Classroom Participation
  • 20% – Exam