MBS Theology Seminar

Daniel K. Davey

Online Only

M.B.S. Theology Seminar is a structured study with the objective of articulating a comprehensive theological position statement. This internet-directed course of study includes elective reading, weekly written projects, and a comprehensive position paper. As a result of taking this class, the student will 1) demonstrate the ability to correlate the data of systematic theology in a fashion that demonstrates internal consistency; 2) be able to organize and articulate the results of theological research on an analytical level; 3) correlate biblical data with the conclusions of his doctrinal statement; 4) be able to constructively interact with colleagues by analyzing the theological work of peers, assimilating the critiques of colleagues, and demonstrating improved theological expressions as a result; and 5) formulate a clearly articulated and comprehensive written doctrinal statement.

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Course Textbooks


Course Requirements

  • 25% - Reading (1200 pages)
  • 30% - Theological Outlines (weekly)
  • 15% - Peer Evaluations (weekly)
  • 30% - Final Project