Exposition of Pastoral Epistles

Wesley T. Davey

Fridays 9:45am-1:00pm
ThM Option

Exposition of Pastoral Epistles is a 3 credit hour course that provides exegetical and theological commentary of the final three letters of the Pauline canon. The course is “exegetical” in that it moves carefully through each individual letter in an effort to trace its distinctive flow of thought, and it is “theological” in that it considers the way these three letters shape and are shaped by our understanding of Paul’s other writings. The status of the “Pastoral Epistles” within the Pauline canon is an embattled one in the wake of 19th-century higher criticism. How might our vision of the Triune God, the church, and our role as emissaries in the world be formed if we accept these witnesses as an inspired, authoritative word—as letters which have as much bearing for our lives today as when they were written two thousand years ago?

At the conclusion of this course, the student will 1) map the argument of each letter, 2) identify the interests and theological themes unique to each, 3) evaluate contemporary approaches to developing a Pauline theology, 4) produce an exegetical-theological argument addressing a selected feature in the letters, and 5) assess the way in which Paul’s vision reflected in the letters continues to be relevant for the contemporary church.

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Course Requirements

  • 10% - Participation
  • 15% - Course Reading
  • 20% - Exegetical Presentation
  • 30% - Paper and Presentation
  • 25% - Final Exam