Philosophy in the Service of Theology

Eric J. Lehner

May 1, 29; June 26; July 17; August 14 (10:00a–12:00p each day)

Philosophy in the Service of Theology is a research seminar dedicated to special issues concerning the relationships between the disciplines of apologetics, philosophy, and systematic theology. Prerequisites: enrollment in MBSC, MDiv, or ThM program; completion of 5351 Theological Method, God, and Scripture; completion of 5390 Apologetics.

As a result of reading, research, writing, presentation, peer-review, and class discussion, the student will be able to:
1) Summarize significant themes in the history of philosophy.
2) Describe the history of the mutual influence of philosophy, apologetics, and systematic theology.
3) Explain the role and significance of the discipline of philosophy for the tasks of apologetics and systematic theology.
4) Evaluate the relative merits of philosophical systems in view of biblical doctrines.
5) Formulate apologetic responses through deconstruction of the philosophical assumptions of systems of unbelief.
6) Correlate personal theological conclusions in terms consistent with a biblically governed theological method.

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Course Requirements

  • 40% - Course Reading (1300 pages for MDiv, 1700 for ThM)
  • 40% - Written Assignments (4)
  • 20% - Seminar Participation