Leadership & Communication in Expository Preaching

Daniel K. Davey & Michael L. Wilburn

September 18–22, 2023

For the past two centuries 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus have been called the Pastoral Epistles for at least three reasons: (1) they were addressed to Timothy and Titus, long-time associates of Paul employed to act as representatives in his absence to correct and encourage the maturity of local congregations, (2) the subject matter is unique (compared to Paul’s other letters), and (3) they were written at the end of Paul’s thirty-year ministry so that they form the final words of this seasoned missionary-apostle to the church.  The significance of these letters for today is their practical bent for church leadership. Paul pays close attention to how the deposit of the gospel is guarded (protection) and taught (exposition), who is approved as a church leader to do this, and what their routine activities should look like, as well as those under their care.

Key elements of Paul’s expectations include defending the faith, devoting time to prayer, supervising with wisdom, encouraging the membership, admonishing the disorderly, suffering with self-control, managing their households with dignity, and exuding godliness in life circumstances. This course will combine a careful development of Paul’s instruction for pastoral oversight, and will proctor each student in the preparation of both sermon and teaching lectures that accurately and effectively communicate Paul’s ideas. Thus, when the course is completed each student will not just thoroughly know the Pastoral Epistles, but be able to properly communicate them (1 Timothy 6:20-21; 2 Timothy 4:1-2; Titus 2:1, 15). 

4 credit hours.

Dr. Daniel Davey is the President and Professor of Bible Exposition at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. He has taught students and led the seminary since 1995. In 2015, after 33 years of pastoral ministry at Colonial Baptist Church, Dr. Davey resigned from the senior pastorate to focus his full-time efforts on the presidency of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. Dr. Davey earned his academic degrees at Liberty University (BA), Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis (MDiv), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM), and Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis (ThD). Read more....

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Dr. Michael Wilburn is the Senior Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. He serves the church by preaching and providing vision and leadership. To shepherd the flock, he desires to know and love the people he leads (1 Thessalonians 2:8). In addition to ministry, Pastor Michael is an avid reader and learner. Marathon running, coffee, cribbage, Paw Patrol, and the Cincinnati Reds are a few of his favorite things. He and his wife, Sarah, homeschool their three children and seek to love their neighbors through Christian hospitality. Dr. Wilburn received his academic degrees from Piedmont International University (BA), Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (MDiv), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM), and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM, PhD). 

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