Master of Theology

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) is 30 credit-hour postgraduate degree which provides the student with advanced and specialized biblical study beyond the Master of Divinity. Intended as preparation for teaching and research, the program emphasizes skills designed to prepare students for an enhanced ministry of the Word or terminal degree studies. 

Students graduating with the Master of Theology degree will be able to: 1) exhibit proficiency in a specialized area of biblical studies, 2) display advanced research and writing skills, 3) design and deliver an academic course in a select field of study, and 4) demonstrate readiness for enrollment in a terminal degree program. 

Seminar Format 

The Th.M. is a postgraduate, research-oriented degree. Consequently, the program differs substantially from the M.Div. and other typical graduate programs. The program consists of four research seminars in which students develop a specialized proficiency in New Testament, Old Testament, or Theology. 

In coordination with the research seminars, students complete six one-credit mentorships. Mentorships provide students with faculty-guided learning in three distinct areas. Postgraduate Mentorships build advanced skills needed for postgraduate level research and instructional design. Teaching Mentorships guide students through the process of preparing and delivering theological instruction. Research Mentorships provide coaching and faculty interaction to assist students in progressing through the thesis sequence. 


Postgraduate Seminars (4 credit hours each)

Advanced Theological Method 
Disciplinary Seminar 1
Disciplinary Seminar 2
Disciplinary Seminar 3

16 credit hours

Postgraduate Mentorships (1 credit hour each)

Postgraduate Mentorship 1
Postgraduate Mentorship 2
Teaching Mentorship 1
Teaching Mentorship 2
Research Mentorship 1
Research Mentorship 2

6 credit hours

Thesis (4 credit hours each)

Thesis Part 1
Thesis Part 2

8 credit hours
Total 30 credit hours


1. Applicants must have completed a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent (at least 80 graduate credit hours, of which at least 12 credit hours reflect Greek language study, 12 credit hours reflect Hebrew language study, and 9 credit hours reflect the study of Systematic Theology) from an accredited seminary. Applicants from non-accredited seminaries will be considered on an individual basis. 
2. Applicants must have an M.Div. cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B-) on a 4.0 grading scale. 
3. The Th.M. program is predicated on the seminary's philosophy and policies regarding the M.Div. and its intention to prepare graduates for ordained ministry. For this reason, only men may enroll in the Th.M. program. 

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