Admissions Process

Acceptance into Virginia Beach Theological Seminary’s graduate programs is based upon personal and academic qualifications. VBTS admits applicants who profess to have experienced biblical conversion by faith in Jesus Christ, who have consequently committed themselves to a life of obedience to the Scriptures, who understand the doctrinal position of the school, and who express a willingness to submit to its policies and procedures upon enrollment as a student. Applicants are accepted regardless of sex, race, color, national origin, or disability. Furthermore, applicants must be academically qualified to carry out the rigors of a graduate program. VBTS’s graduate programs require a recognized bachelor’s degree for entrance. The Academic Dean and the admissions committee will evaluate all transcripts, references, interviews, and submitted essays to determine whether the applicant meets the standards and criteria for admission. VBTS reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who does not fulfill these personal and academic qualifications.

Application Process

The application can be completed online. Applicants can expect to provide the following information:

1. Personal Information

- Background Info

- Contact Info

- Family Info

- Church Info

2. Educational Information

- Schools/dates attended

- Official Transcripts sent to VBTS

3. Personal Testimony

- Conversion

- Christian Ministry Experience

- Future Ministry Plans

4. References

- Pastoral Reference

- Business Reference (i.e. past employer)

- Academic Reference (i.e. past teacher/professor)

5. Church Endorsement
- Endorsement from local church to attend seminary
6. Interview
- With VBTS Academic Dean
7. Affirmations

- Applicant has read VBTS doctrinal statement

- Applicant has read Student Code of Conduct

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