Military Chaplaincy and Biblical Languages

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The accurate exegesis and application of a text is foundational to effective ministry. You must know the text, teach the text, and live the text. As it relates to military chaplaincy, I am thankful that VBTS offers the 72 credit hour Master of Biblical Studies for Chaplaincy that includes the study of the Greek text. However, I want to challenge aspiring military chaplains to consider the 96 credit-hour Master of Divinity.

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My Friends’ Marriage is Falling Apart! Top 5 Questions to Help Me Be a Marriage Counselor for Them

Good news travels fast. So does bad news. In a typical month my wife and I will have several individuals make contact with us about marriages that are going through significant trials. Sometimes these calls are from a spouse whose marriage is in a tailspin. More often than not, these calls are from believers trying to help a friend or family member’s marriage . . . or pastors trying to establish biblical traction to help a family in their flock. The sad reality is that the calls are frequent . . . the problems are real . . . the hope is dissolving.

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