COVID-19 Update

Updated: May 23, 2020

This is the current status of the operations at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary in light of the developments surrounding COVID-19. Any changes made to the operations of VBTS in response to the evolving situation in our community will be posted on this page.  

  • Summer Courses: The summer semester has started! The first day of the summer semester was Monday, May 11th! Click here for information on course dates and delivery. 
  • Library. Students may enter the building and borrow books from the library; however, studying in the library is not prohibited.
  • Offices. VBTS Offices are closed to the public, but the staff is closely monitoring all calls and emails. 
  • Golf Classic. The VBTS Golf Classic–previously scheduled for April 21–has been rescheduled to October 1st. 
A word from the VBTS President

"Our lives are rooted in two major doctrines: the doctrine of man and the doctrine of God—who we are, and who God is. A proper understanding of these doctrines will cause each of us to be thankful in fearful circumstances, and rejoice in the blessing of living under the sovereign umbrella of the God who controls all things."

Dr. Daniel Davey is posting a two-minute video each day to the VBTS family. These videos are posted to the VBTS Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo pages. Today's video can be seen below.