Alumni Testimonies

Brett Moody

MBSC, Class of 2019

Alumni In Various Countries

Class of 2015


Luke Bylsma

MDiv, Class of 2014

Charles Shannon

MBS, Class of 2013

David and Annalisa Wilson

Class 2006 & 2007

"My years of seminary experience have been invaluable for me and continue to shape my life every day even in the details of my Scripture meditation and mothering. The MBS studies gave me confidence to serve the local church in whatever way God may lead. The things I learned instilled a lifelong hunger for the study of His word and a passion to reach everyone possible with it. VBTS is service-oriented enough to help you teach children’s Sunday school but rigorous enough to begin an academic career at. The church setting and fantastic professor-student ratios meant that my professors were there not only when I had questions about my studies but as I struggled to begin ministry and now as lifelong friends and mentors. As an added bonus, if you’re married to a fellow student the tuition rate is unbeatable and the experience of sharing these formative years and thought processes with your mate is one I can’t recommend enough!"
Annalisa Wilson, MBS, Class of 2006
With husband, David Wilson, MDiv, Class of 2007

Samuel Bereza

MDiv, Class of 2010

"I am thankful that God used VBTS in my life to amplify His Spirit-initiated desire to correctly study and live out His Word of truth. As God has been kind in allowing me the opportunity to serve Him and His Church in pastoral ministry, I appreciate now even more than I did as a student VBTS's strong emphasis and balanced approach on Biblical exegesis and analysis, historical theology, gospel-advancing worship, and grace-inspired local-church ministry."

Jonathan Matias

MDiv, Class of 2006

"Most of all, I am grateful that the faculty spent time getting to know me, discipling me, and mentoring me both in and out of the classroom. Highlights for me include times professors and I spent on our knees together, discussing life and ministry over coffee, and laboring together in a local church. I picked up lifelong lessons that were conveyed not only in a classroom but also in discipleship-oriented relationships."

Garrett and Amanda Lee

Class of 2005 & 2007

"My time at seminary served me in a number of ways, but two come to mind immediately: First, a love and commitment to the local & global church which began in college was honed and sharpened to the point that I don't know what I would do without God's people around me. Second, as a bi-vocational pastor, I would be floundering in my attempts to teach God's word to the church. The foundation, building blocks, and tool set I received at VBTS have been invaluable in my ability to study God's Word myself alongside scholarly and popular writings without feeling lost at the array of opinions and interpretations. Thank you, VBTS!"
Garrett Lee, MDiv, Class of 2007
With wife Amanda Lee, MBS, Class of 2005