Core Values

Core Values

1. Church Context


Students of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary have the opportunity to study and train within the context of a thriving local church, Colonial Baptist Church. The local church context enables students to experience the seminary’s theology worked out in practical ministry. Click here to learn more about the community of Colonial Baptist Church. 


2. Mentorship CultureChurch-Discount

At VBTS, mentoring isn’t a program – it’s a way of life. Faculty members are accessible to students both in and out of the classroom. Go to the Faculty page to read learn more about each member of the VBTS faculty.


3. Language Emphasis

One-fourth of the core MDiv program is dedicated to Greek and Hebrew studies. MDiv students who pursue a New Testament or Old Testament concentration can gain over 40 credit hours of language study. Visit the Master of Divinity page to explore the 5 different concentrations available within the Master of Divinity.


4. Grace Philosophy

VBTS promotes a philosophy of ministry that emphasizes the sufficiency of God's grace through the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. Listen to Dr. Daniel Davey's sermon series on the Grace Philosophy of Ministry and A Blueprint for a Grace Church.


5. Serious Academics

Qualified professors engage current scholarship in the delivery of courses that are both rigorous and relevant. Visit the Courses page to browse the courses that are being offered this semester.