Preaching Doctrine

Eric J. Lehner & David M. Doran

February 13–17, 2023

Expositional Preaching of Doctrine is a course directed to the doctrinal aspects of expository preaching. The study engages themes including the imperative for doctrinal preaching, the articulation of theological method, the history of preaching doctrine, and practical approaches to developing theological emphases in sermon preparation. As a result of reading, research, writing, presentation, peer-review, and class discussion, the student will be able to: 1) analyze select New Testament texts which mandate doctrinal preaching; 2) articulate a theological method that clearly identifies controlling principles and priorities in the development of doctrinal themes; 3) evaluate the value of historical precedent for contemporary application to preaching doctrine; and 4) compose and deliver sermons which display the movement of exposition to doctrinal imperatives and appropriate applications. 

4 credit hours.

Dr. Eric Lehner is the Academic Dean and Professor of Theology at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. He has taught at VBTS since 2005 in a variety of roles as Graduate Assistant, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology, and Associate Professor of Historical Theology. Prior to coming to Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, Dr. Lehner taught at the Hungarian Baptist Theological Seminary of Cluj, Romania, and served as assistant pastor of Providence Baptist Church in Westerville, Ohio. Dr. Lehner earned his academic degrees at Tennessee Temple (BA), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv), Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (ThM), and Clark Summit University (PhD). Read more....

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Dr. David Doran is the senior pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church (ICBC) and President of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He serves as the Chairman of the Practical Theology Department and teaches the core pastoral theology courses in the M.Div. program at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Over several decades at ICBC, Dr. Doran has conducted an effective expository preaching and teaching ministry, established Grace Baptist Mission, and expanded outreach through campus evangelism and discipleship, mission conferences and more. Dr. Doran received his academic degrees from Bob Jones University (BA), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv, ThM), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (DMin). 

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