Alumni Directory

Adams, Danny (MDiv, 2007)
- Production and Inventory Control
- Pastor of College/Young Adults Ministries at Grace City Church (Philadelphia, PA)

Andrews, Steven (MBS, 2003)
- Engineering Technician
- Deacon at Freedom Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Armstrong, Aaron (MBS, 2018)
- Youth Pastor at Hope Baptist Church (Hanover, PA)
- Bible Teacher at Hope Christian School (Hanover, PA)

Armstrong, Timothy (MBS, 2008)
- Assistant Corrections Supervisor at Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility
- Youth Pastor at Rose Hill Bible Church (Rose Hill, KS)

Ashby, John (MBS, 2015)
- Pastor at First Baptist Church Gilmerton (Chesapeake, VA)

Ayoub, Fayez (MDiv, 2003)
- Evangelism Pastor at First Baptist Church (Merritt Island, FL)

Ayoub, Khalil (MBS, 2005)
- Singles Pastor at Calvary Church (Charlotte, NC)

Balding, Ryan (MDiv, 2018)
- Service Technician at Walmart Auto Care Center (Chesapeake, VA)

Bates, Drew (MBS, 2011)
- Student Ministries Pastor at Faith Bible Church (Naples, FL)

Bauers, Nate (MDiv, 2016)
- Elder at Redemption Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Bennett, Aaron (MBS, 2016)

Bereza, Samuel (MDiv, 2010)
- Pastor at Open Door Bible Church (Middletown, PA)

Birkholz, Nate (MDiv, 2007)
- Pastor at Lake Shores Baptist Church (Grand Haven, MI)

Blake, Gregory (MBS, 2014)
Pastor at Red House Bible Church (Red House, WV)

Borchardt, Johnny (MBS, 2012)
- Recruiter
- Deacon of Elementary/Youth at Sola Church (Centennial, CO)

Branine, Stephen (MDiv, 2009)
- Preaching Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church at Liberty (Ellensburg, WA)

Branks, Bill (ThB, 2004)
- Church Planter (Detroit, MI)

Brennecke, Nic (MBS, 2015)
- Continuing Education at The Ohio State University School of Medicine (Columbus, OH)

Brosius, Kevin (MBSC, 2012)
- Chaplain with Army National Guard
- Associate Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church (Parkersburg, WV)      

Broughton, Aaron (MBS, 2011)
- Software Developer at Decisions (Chesapeake, VA)

Broughton, David (MBS, 2010)
- Owner, Dogwood Visual (Virginia Beach, VA)

Brown, Jeremy (MDiv, 2010)

Brown, Joshua (MDiv, 2015)
- Information Technology Specialist at Union Mission Ministries (Norfolk, VA)

Brown, Leland (MBS, 2000)
- Middle/High School Principle at Portsmouth Christian Schools (Portsmouth, VA)
- Associate Pastor at Biltmore Baptist Church (Portsmouth, VA)

Brumbaugh, Mark (MDiv, 2010)
- Pastor of Discipleship at Enid Mennonite Brethren Church (Enid, OK)

Budde, Don (MBS, 2006)
- Information Assurance Senior Analyst at RX Joint Venture, LLC (Norfolk, VA)

Burdett, Caleb (MBS, 2016)
- Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions (Spain)

Bylsma, Luke (MBS, 2013; MDiv, 2014)
- Associate Pastor at Lake Shore Baptist Church (Grand Haven, MI)

Campbell, Matthew (MDiv, 2007)
- Chaplain, US Air Force

Campbell, Paul (MBS, 2010; MDiv, 2012)
- Youth Pastor at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Carlyle, Michael (MBS, 2006; MDiv, 2008)
- Missionary/Church Planter with Baptist Mid-Missions (Pursat, Cambodia)

Carton, Ian (MDiv, 2016)

Cherry, Chris (MBS, 2017)
- Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church (Yoakum, TX)

Clements, B. Scott (MBS, 2017)

Clouse, Jon (DBS, 2013)

Coats, Jon (MDiv, 2011)
- Bayville Golf Club Outside Staff (Virginia Beach, VA)
- Professional Golfer

Conley, Stephen (MDiv, 2007)
Student Ministries Pastor at Timberlake Baptist Church (Lynchburg, VA)

Coston, Caleb (MDiv, 2011)
- Construction Project Manager
- Elder at Cornerstone Bible Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Cover, Travis (MBS, 2013)
- Automotive Sales at Strapp Interstate Toyota-Scion (Frederick, CO)
- Church Planting Assistant at Carbon Valley Bible Church (Frederick, CO)

Crabb, Stephen (MBS, 2007)
- Onsite Recon (Virginia Beach, VA)

Crocker, Alex (MDiv, 2019)
- Pastor at Surry Baptist Church (Surry, VA)

Curtis, Donald (MBS, 2014)
- Physician at Patient First (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dailey, Thomas (ThM, 2002)
- Professor of New Testament at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Darling, Pamela (MBS, 2019)
- Missionary to Spain with Baptist Mid-Mission

Davey, Wesley (MDiv, 2011)
- Adjunct Faculty at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Davies, Nathan (MBS, 2003)
- Officer in the United States Army

Davies, Andy (MDiv, 2006)

Davis, Benji (MDiv, 2013)
- Ph.D. student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Wake Forest, NC)

DePriest, Joshua (MBS, 2014)
- MS Technician at LifeNet Health (Virginia Beach, VA) 

DePriest, Phil (MBS, 2017)

DeWald, Luke (MBS, 2013)
- Youth Pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, NC)

Dietrich, Gregory (MDiv, 2009)
- Owner of Grace at Work, LLC and Church Web
- Pastor at Covenant Community Church (Philadelphia, PA)

Domsic, Matt (MBS, 2017)

Doyle, Hugh (MBS, 2000; MDiv, 2002)
- Medic at Virginia Beach EMS (Virginia Beach, VA)

Dunning, Roderick (MDiv, 2009)
- Substitute Teacher
- Pastoral Ministry Assistant at Heritage Bible Church (Berthoud, CO)

Eck, Bryan (MBS, 2016)
- Air Force Intelligence

Efting, Andy (MBS, 2013)
- Manager of Infrastructure Security at Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

Ellsworth, Gordon (MBS, 2001)
- Pastor at Virginia Beach Beacon Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Ellsworth, Justin (MBSC, 2017)

Erickson, Brian (MDiv, 2012)
- Account Manager/Inside Sales at ADS, Inc (Virginia Beach, VA)

Erickson, Richard (MBS, 2008)
- Retired from the Navy; Handyman (Virginia Beach, VA)

Estes IV, Edward (MBS, 2012)
- Director of Admissions at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Feaster, Joseph (MDiv, 2019)
- Historical Interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, VA)
- Currently in the Navy Chaplain Candidate Program

Flatt, Nathanael (MBS, 2008)
- On Staff at Christian Camp (Ellwood, PA)

Frohlich, James (MDiv, 2009)
- Docent at Museum of Biblical Art (Dallas, TX)
- Ph.D. Student at Dallas Theological Seminary (Dallas, TX)

Fulks, Paul (MBS, 2018)
- Church Planting Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions (Herriman, UT)
- Police Chaplain (Salt Lake City, UT)

Gaudet, Bob (MDiv, 2007)
- Field Sales Manager at William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (Niles, MI)

Glazner, Robert (MDiv, 2006)
- Pastor at Crosspoint Baptist Church (Pheonix, AZ)

Gonzalez, Miguel (MBS, 2009)

Gravley, Travis (MDiv, 2005)
- Administrator for Church Relations and Enlistment with Baptist Mid-Missions (Cleveland, OH)

Gribbin, John (MBS, 2009)
- Director of Missions to Military center (Toulon, France)

Hall, Phil (MDiv, 2014)

Hall, Robert (MDiv, 2009)
- Contracting Specialist at Tucker Advisory Group (Littleton, CO)
- Missional Community Coaching and Development at Sola Church (Centennial, CO)

Harmon, Eugene (MBS, 2018)
- Minister at Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (Knoxville, TN)

Harper, Lee (MBS, 2007)
- TCSI at Portsmouth Navel Hospital (Portsmouth, VA)

Harris, Brad (MBS, 2014)
- Pastor of Administration and Outreach at Delaware Bible Church (Delaware, OH)

Hassanpour, Kris (MBS, 2009)
- Lead Pastor and Sign Language Interpreter for Anchor Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Heijermans, Jordon (MBS, 2008)
- Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Helm, Tad (MDiv, 2004)
- Builder/Contractor (Virginia Beach, VA)

Hill, Nathan (MDiv, 2010)
- Owner/Operator of ITC Painting and Remodeling (Indianapolis, IN)
- Job Training Coordinator at Crossing Education

Hill, Timothy (MDiv, 2009)
- Quality Inspector
- Lay Elder at Country Bible Church (Wallace, MI)

Hine, David (MBS, 2001)
- Pastor at Grace Baptist Church (Parker, CO)

Hines, Don (MDiv, 2008)
- Campus Crusade for Christ serving at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA)

Homsher, Brock (MDiv, 2010)
- Property Manager at Sure Home Properties (Denver, CO)

Horn, David (MBS, 2012)
- Safety Manager at US Naval Hospital (Yokosuka, Japan)

Hughes, Andrew (MDiv, 2009)
- Test Operator for Uber Advanced Technologies
- Interim Pastor at Greene Community Church (Waynesburg, PA)

Ickes, Eric (MDiv, 2003)
- Pastor at Waller Mill Bible Church (Williamsburg, VA)

Jacob, Benjamin (MBS, 2013)
- Director at Camp Hope Haven (Virginia Beach, VA)

Jacob, Bethany (MBS, 2013)
- Works with husband, Benjamin Jacob, at Camp Hope Haven (Virginia Beach, VA)

Jaspers, Andrew (MDiv, 2013)
- Pastor of Youth/Children Ministries at Lakeshore Baptist Church (Grand Haven, MI)

Jaspers, David (MBS, 2012)
- Pastor at Ridgewood Baptist Church (Joliet, IL)

Jaspers, Nic (MBS, 2015)
- Student Services Manager and Designated School Official (New York City, NY)

Jones, Joshua (MBS, 2006)
- Pastor at Redemption Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Jones, Ron (MBS, 2000)
- Counselor at HopeWell Christian Counseling Center (Virginia Beach, VA)

Joyce, Jeff (MBS, 2008)

K., Jared (MDiv, 2010)
- Overseas Missionary

Kaessner, Jed (MDiv, 2011; ThM, 2013)
- Courier at FedEx Express (Fort Collins, CO)

Kemmerer, Justin (MBS, 2010)
- Assistant Athletic Director/Transportation Coordinator at NorthPointe Christian Schools (Grand Rapids, MI)
- Elder at Redemption Church (Grandville, MI)

Kisteatter, Craig (MBS, 2006)
- Self-employed Contractor

Kliewer, Matthew (MDiv, 2007)
- Agent Aspirant at State Farm (Columbus, OH)

Kouba, Wesley (MDiv, 2010)
- Pastor of Teaching and Discipleship at Lakeside Church (Worthington, MN)

Krystowiak, Jesse (MDiv, 2016)
- Pastor at Collierstown Baptist Church (Lexington, VA)

Lander, Michael (MDiv, 2009)
- Independent Contractor (Virginia Beach, VA)
- ABS Teacher at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Landry, Colin (MDiv, 2003)
- Pastor at Evangelical Baptist Church (Newton, MA)

Landry, Peter (MDiv, 2004)
- Technical Manager at EMC Corporation (Boston, MA)
- Teacher at Evangelical Baptist Church (Newton, MA)

Lane, James (MDiv, 2005)
- Capital One (Powhatan, VA)

Lawson, Jimmy (MBS, 2015)
- Pastor at Community Free Will Baptist Church (Westland, MI)

Lee, Amanda (MBS, 2005)
- Director of Christian Home School Co-op (Alexandria, VA)

Lee, Eric (MBS, 2005)
- Project Manager (Plaistow, NH)
- Youth Worker at Cornerstone Church (Plaistow, NH)

Lee, Garrett (MDiv, 2007)
- Organ Transplant Procurement Coordinator at Washington Regional Transplant Community (Alexandria, VA)
- Elder at Grace Church (Alexandria, VA)

Lee, Will (MDiv, 2007)

Lehner, Eric (ThM, 2005)
- Academic Dean and Professor at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Lehner, Kirk (ThM, 2004)

Lerro, Daniel (MDiv, 2006)
- Pastor for Teaching and Administration at Trinity Church (Smyrna, DE)

Lewis, Timothy (MBS, 2005)
- Pastor of New England Shores Baptist Church (Hampton, NH)

Litchfield II, Les (MBS, 2012)
- Business Manager & Counseling Pastor at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Logan, Scott (MBS, 2006)

Logsdon, T.J. (MDiv, 2009)
- Courier at FedEx Express (Newport News, VA)

Louk II, Hadden (MBS, 2012)
- MS Technician at LifeNet Health (Chesapeake, VA)

Lowe, Daniel (MDiv, 2004)
- Pastor at Hope Harbor Church (Province, CO)

Lowe, Deborah (MBS, 2005)
- Office Administration at Hope Harbor Church (Province, CO)

Lowery, Jonathan (MBS, 2019)
Lay Elder at Emmaus Christian Church (Powhatan, VA)

Lownes, Chris (MDiv, 2011)
- MS Technician at LifeNet Health (Chesapeake, VA)
- Adult Education Superintendent at Cornerstone Bible Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Lowrance, D.J. (MBS, 2012)
- Senior Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Redeemer Tri-Cities (Pasco, WA)

Mackiewicz, Daniel (MBS, 2009)
- Bible Teacher at Greenbrier Christian Academy (Chesapeake, VA)

Mackivitch, Matthew (MBS, 2011)
- Senior Pastor at Elton Baptist Church (Delevan, NY)

Manahan, Matthew (MBS, 2014)
- Master Musculoskeletal Technician at LifeNet Health (Chesapeake, VA)

Manion, Timothy (MBS, 2013)
- MS Production Supervisor at LifeNet Health (Chesapeake, VA)

Markevich, Glenn (MBS, 2009)
- Automotive Production Assembly (Greenville, SC)

Matias, Jonathan (MDiv, 2006)
- Lead Pastor at Grace Church (Alexandria, VA)

Maz, Lori (MBS, 2015)
- Children's Ministry (Japan)

McCarty, Patrick (MBS, 2010)
- Superintendent of Christian Unified Schools (San Diego, CA)

McClanahan, Jason (MDiv, 2001)
- Pastor at Randolph Street Baptist Church (Charleston, WV)

Mihelis, Nate (MDiv, 2006)
- Credit Manager

Miller, Carl (MBS, 2005)
- Pastor at Berwick Bible Church (Berwick, PA)

Miller, Jeremy (MBS, 2013)
- Teacher and Aspiring Author         

Mondragon, Chad (MDiv, 2007)
- Lead Pastor/Church Planter at Sola Church (Centennial, CO)

Mondragon, Melody (MBS, 2007)
- Church Planting with 2007 graduate/husband, Chad Mondragen (Centennial, CO)

Moody, Brett (MBSC, 2019)
- Chaplain, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry (Virginia Beach, VA) 

Morgan, Lainey Wombles (MBS, 2008)
- Serving with 2008 graduate/husband Ryan Morgan (China)                    

Morgan, Ryan (MBS, 2008)
- Elder at Shekou Fellowship (China)

Nickerson, Patrick (MBS, 2018)
- Loan Center Member Services Representative at ABNB Federal Credit Union (Chesapeake, VA)

Olson, Brody (MDiv, 2012)
- Substitute Teacher         
- Church Planter (Colorado City, AZ)

Osborne, Mike (MDiv, 2007)
- Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Trinity Church of Smyrna (Smyrna, DE)

Osborne, Scott (MDiv, 2004; ThM, 2011)
- Pastor at Redemption Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Osborne, Steven (MBS, 2008)
- Engineer with the US Army Corps of Engineers

Peavy, James (MBS, 2015)
- Missionary with Baptist Mid-Missions (Dominican Republic)

Perkuchin, Bret (MDiv, 2018)
- Chaplain, US Army Reserves (Virginia Beach, VA) 

Post, Darrell (MDiv 2006, ThM, 2012)
- Software Analyst (Virginia Beach, VA)
- Volunteer at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

Potts, Stacy (MDiv, 2005)
- Pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Powell, Floyd (DBS, 2011)
- Deacon at River Oak Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Raj, Anand (MBSC, 2010)
- Human Resources Manager, Cintas (Portland, OR)

Ribeiro, Edward (MBS, 2006)
- Air Traffic Controller (Atlanta, GA)

Ring, Mark (MBS, 2004)
- Pastor at Faith Baptist Church (Rhinelander, WI)

Rinker, Jonathan (MDiv, 2001)
- Vice President of Development at Appalachian Bible College (Mount Hope, WV)
- Pastor at a local church (Mount Hope, WV)

Rizer, Jim (MBS, 2017)

Robbins, Nathan (MBS, 2015)
- Pastor at Sutter Salem Bible Church (Warsaw, IL)

Romaine, Jonathan (MBS, 2011)
- Church Planter and Teacher with Baptist Mid-Missions (Spain)

Rouleau, Michael (MBS, 2010)
- IT Specialist with the Civil Service (Virginia Beach, VA)

Salzmann, Thomas (MBS, 2009)
- Sr. Systems Engineer at VeriFone Systems (Dunbarton, NH)
- Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at Trinity Baptist Church (Concord, NH)

Saunders, Michael (MBS, 2018)
- Lead Pastor, Lexington Baptist Church (Lexington, VA)

Schrader, Gloria (DBS, 2018)
- Administrative Assistant, Virginia Beach Theological Seminary

Scofield, Ben (MDiv, 2002)
- Pastor at West Suffolk Baptist Church (Suffolk, VA)

Seely, Daniel (MDiv, 2004)
- Missionary/Teacher at Cameroon Biblical Seminary (Yaounde, Cameroon)

Self, Mark (MDiv, 2011)
- Missionary Pastor with Baptist Mid-Missions (Argentina)

Senning, Daniel (MDiv, 2006)
- Professor of Bible and Theology and Acting Assistant Academic Dean at Grace Baptist Bible College (Winston-Salem, NC)

Shannon, Charles (MBS, 2013; MBSC, 2019)
- Lead Pastor at The Mission Church (Norfolk, VA)

Simmons, Harvey (MBS, 2011)
- Deacon at River Oak Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Sisson, Caleb (MDiv, 2012)
- Custodian at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)
- Continuing Education at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Skeens, Jared (MDiv, 2003)
- Christian Educator (Thailand)

Smith, Benjamin (MDiv, 2005)
- Pastor at Engleside Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)

Steinman, Daniel (MDiv, 2010)
- Pastor at Freedom Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Stephens, Charles - (MBS, 2003)
- Deceased, June 5, 2010        

Stogsdill, Danny (MBS, 2009)
- Adjunct Instructor at Tidewater Community College (Norfolk, VA)

Stone, George - (MBS, 2008)
- Deceased on January 12, 2012

Stout, Jamey (MDiv, 2010)
- Pastor at Bethel Bible Church (Argyle, IA)

Strange, Brent (MBS, 2010)
- Owner of Reliant Farm, LLC (Newport, VA)

Styron, Steve (MBS, 2010)

Terpstra, Steve (MDiv, 2014)
- Processing Supervisor at LifeLink Foundation (Port Charlotte, FL)

Thibault, Steve (MDiv, 2000)
- Pastor at Evergreen Bible Church (Williamstown, WV)

Thomas, Adam (MDiv, 2008)
- Pastor at Redeemer Community Church (Pittsburgh, PA)

Thompson, Robert (MDiv, 2006)
- Self employed handyman (Land O Lakes, FL)

Toliver, Izaak (MDiv, 2011)
- Training Manager at Capital One (Virginia Beach, VA)

Townsend, Rebecca (MBS, 2005)
- Serving the Lord with her husband, Jason, who is in the military

Trach, Jesse (MDiv, 2009)
- Program Administrator at B/E Aerospace (Philadelphia, PA)
- Pastor at Grace City Church (Philadelphia, PA)

Trainer, Brian (MDiv, 2000)

Tubbs, Mat (MBS, 2011)
- Army Musician

Valentine, Paul (MDiv, 2006)
- Lead Pastor at Providence Community Church (Lexington, KY)

Van Beveren, Scott (MDiv, 2000)

VanBruggen, Ethan (MBS, 2018)
- Children's Ministry Coordinator, Central Baptist Church (Norfolk, VA)

Vanderwarker, Matthew (MBS, 2015)
- Lead Pastor at Berean Bible Church (Dublin, OH)

Varner, James (MDiv, 2007)
- Children's Ministries Pastor at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Varner, John (MDiv, 2011)
- Unit Manager at Capital One (Virginia Beach, VA)
- ABS Teacher at Colonial Baptist Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Venable, Buddy (MBS, 2000)
- Pastor at Faith Community Baptist Church (Downingtown, PA)

Venturo, Paul (MBS, 2009)
- Church staff at Old Paths Baptist Church (Moyock, NC)

Vezikov, Ilya (MBS, 2010; MDiv, 2011)
- MS Technician for LifeNet Health (Virginia Beach, VA)

Watson, Jon (MDiv, 2014)

Webster, Daniel (MBS, 2013)
- Director of Enrollment and Professor at Welch College (Gallatin, TN)
- Continuing Education at Maranatha Baptist University (Watertown, WI)

Wegner, William (MDiv, 2002)
- Associate Pastor at Freedom Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA)

Whitcomb, Michael (MDiv, 2008)
- Owner of Riverwind Land and Lawn, LLC (Suffolk, VA)

White, Ulys (MDiv, 2011)
- Air Force Officer

Wilburn, Michael (MDiv, 2007)
- Senior Pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church (Richmond, VA)
- Ph.D. student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY)

Wilder, Ryan (MDiv, 2019)
- A technician at LifeNet Health Foundation (Virginia Beach, VA)

Williams, Daniel (MDiv, 2009)
- Alarm Technician
- Teacher at Evangelical Baptist Church (Newton, MA)

Wilson, Annalisa (MBS, 2006)
- Church Worker at High Road Baptist Church (London, England), along side 2007 graduate/husband David Wilson

Wilson, David (MDiv, 2007)
- Pastor at High Road Baptist Church (London, England)

Wilt, Andrew (MDiv, 2011)
- Project Manager (Chesapeake, VA)

Winans, Nathaniel (MBS, 2014)
- MS Technician at LifeNet Health (Virginia Beach, VA)

Windsor, Michael (MBS, 2014)
- Customer Support Manager at Frontline Technologies (Reading, PA)   
- Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College (Lancaster, PA)

Wright, Paul (MBS, 2015)
- Network Administrator at Greenbrier Christian Academy (Chesapeake, VA)

Wyche, Jr., Albert (MBS, 2017)
- Continuing Education at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)

Zou, Lalpi (MBS, 2013)
- Pastor at Independent Fundamental Bible Churches (Churachandpur, India)   
- Teacher at Biblical Baptist College (Churachandpur, India)