Reuter Scholarship

The Reuter Scholarship was established as a result of a generous estate gift from Jane Reuter, a close friend and contributor to VBTS.  Mrs. Reuter desired that the proceeds of her gift be used to financially assist select seminary students so that they could be educated and trained for ministry by VBTS.

Through this gift, VBTS has made available a limited number of Reuter Scholarships.  Students and prospective students in all degree programs will be considered for the Reuter Scholarship provided they enroll as a full-time resident student in a given semester.  While the Reuter Scholarship is potentially available for students in all degree programs, primary consideration will be given to students in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program.  This scholarship covers all tuition and fees for recipients in their first semester of study. In addition, MDiv students completing their final semester of the program may also re-apply for assistance through the Reuter Scholarship, which would also cover all tuition and fees for the final semester of study.  Financial need will factor significantly in the selection decision. 

Selection Criteria - Applicants must:
  • Articulate their commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Satisfy all criteria for admission to the seminary
  • Provide evidence of an accredited undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for new, in-coming students
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA at VBTS if a current student
  • Articulate intention to complete the degree and enter full-time ministry subsequent to graduation
  • Provide evidence of integrity, humility, and overall Christian character suitable for the ministry as expressed in 1 Timothy 3
  • Demonstrated financial need

In substantiation of the above criteria, students must submit a 500-word statement outlining:

  • Their commitment to Jesus Christ
  • The purpose of their pursuit of the MDiv or other degree
  • Their post-graduation plans for their MDiv or other degree

Please complete the following application to be considered as a recipient of the Jane M. Reuter Scholarship.