Hahn Scholarship

The Hahn Scholarship was initiated by J. Edward Hahn, a founding VBTS board member and committed follower of Jesus Christ. Mr. Hahn desired to financially assist worthy students who shared his commitment of faithful ministry in the local church. This scholarship is awarded by the VBTS Selection Committee to the student or students who exemplify Mr. Hahn’s servant’s heart as demonstrated by his or her faithful involvement in a ministry of their church. The Hahn Scholarship equates to the cost of tuition for one 3-hour course (not including semester student fees) and will be awarded based upon the student’s ministry commitment, financial need, and enrollment at VBTS in a degreed program.

Students must outline the following in the application:
  • Current role in ministry
  • Completion of at least 9 credits at VBTS in the past calendar year
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • A 500+ word document addressed to the VBTS President that includes: 1) a request to be considered as a recipient of the Hahn Scholarship, 2) a testimony of personal commitment to Jesus Christ, and 3) an explanation of their involvement in a ministry of a local church. 

Please complete the following application to be considered as a recipient of the J. Edward Hahn Scholarship.