Alumni & Student Testimonies

Christian Conway (Current Student, Class of '26)

"...[my church] sent me to Virginia Beach Theological Seminary because they were looking for a seminary that was local but also had good theology...."

Luke Bylsma

"...As I look back on what God has done and how God has used both VBTS and Colonial Baptist Church, I can’t separate the two. Both of them have been essential for our lives...."

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John Ashby

"To the seminary, I thank you all for what you have deposited in me. I feel that I am a better pastor as a result of passing through this way. I share with my colleagues and other pastors that this is a great school where God can use you and you can be a blessing to the kingdom...."

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Charles Shannon

"I sum up my seminary experience with two points. Man is imperfect, and I am referring specifically to myself when I say that. And God is perfect. So let me unpack this..."

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Alumni around the World

VBTS Alumni from England, Romania, China, Cambodia, Cameroon, and India share how the Lord has used their training at VBTS to prepare them for their cross-cultural ministries.

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Annalisa Wilson

"The things I learned instilled a lifelong hunger for the study of His word and a passion to reach everyone possible with it. VBTS is service-oriented enough to help you teach children’s Sunday school but rigorous enough to help you launch an academic career."

Samuel Bereza

"I appreciate now even more than I did as a student VBTS's strong emphasis and balanced approach on Biblical exegesis and analysis, historical theology, gospel-advancing worship, and grace-inspired local-church ministry."

Jonathan Matias

"I am grateful that the faculty spent time getting to know me, discipling me, and mentoring me both in and out of the classroom. Highlights for me include times professors and I spent on our knees together, discussing life and ministry over coffee, and laboring together in a local church."

Garrett Lee

"The foundation, building blocks, and tool set I received at VBTS have been invaluable in my ability to study God's Word myself alongside scholarly and popular writings without feeling lost at the array of opinions and interpretations."