Colonial Baptist Church (CBC) has served as the gracious host of VBTS since its inception in 1995 and provides an appropriate context for ministerial training. The interactive relationship between VBTS and CBC enables students to observe the practical application of sound theology and a biblically informed philosophy of ministry. VBTS students who attend CBC will also benefit from being part of a thriving community that is fully supportive of their pursuits in ministry preparation.

CBC's philosophy of ministry can be seen in their local church essentials listed below. Click here to explore the CBC website.

CBC Essentials

Under the purpose statement "displaying God's glory by making disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ," these four essentials reflect the essentials that VBTS encourages its students and graduates to incorporate into their local and global ministries.

1. Text

God to Us

Knowing God by understanding and obeying His Word (2 Timothy 3:14–17)

2. Worship

Us to God

Honoring God in all of life (Colossians 3:12–17)

3. Community

Us to Believers

Pursuing one another through love and good works (Acts 2:42–47)

4. Mission

Us to Unbelievers

Sharing the Gospel from our neighborhoods to the nations (Acts 1:8)

Other Church Communities 

While CBC has closely partnered with VBTS to disciple, support, and minister alongside many of our students over the years, VBTS students may attend and are encouraged to actively participate in any Gospel-preaching church in the area (or in their local city, if they are online students). Over 20 area churches are currently represented among VBTS students and alumni.  Area churches regularly contact the seminary with ministry opportunities. To see an updated list of ministry opportunities, contact