VBTS Mission Statement

The mission of VBTS is to equip each student for local church ministry and missions worldwide through biblical academic training in a ministry-based environment that seeks to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and to uphold the inerrant Word of God. 

This mission statement is summarized in the phrase, “Sharpening Servants for Global Ministry,” and is fulfilled through a compassionate commitment to the text of Scripture taught in the context of a local church and applied to every aspect of life and ministry with an emphasis on the biblical philosophy of grace.

Virginia Beach Theological Seminary opened its doors in the summer of 1996 with the vision of training pastors, missionaries, and skilled Christian workers in the context of the local church. Colonial Baptist Church has served as the gracious host of VBTS since its inception and provides an appropriate context for ministerial training. The interactive relationship between the seminary and Colonial Baptist Church enables students to observe the practical application of sound theology and biblically-informed philosophy of ministry. In its short 25 year history, VBTS has graduated over 200 students who are serving in ministries in 25 states and 11 foreign countries. 


Virginia Beach Theological Seminary is Baptist in its heritage and philosophy. The seminary's full doctrinal statement, outlined in nine articles that each find their foundation in the sole authority of the Scriptures, can be read in the VBTS Biblical Foundation Statement.

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Educational Objectives

As a result of receiving a degree from VBTS, the graduate will be able to:

  • Exegete the various portions of the Biblical text in terms which account for its historical and literary contexts, with a view toward understanding the intention of the author.
  • Correlate the results of exegetical studies into theological expressions that are clear, coherent, historically informed, and culturally relevant.
  • Communicate the results of exegetical and theological studies in formats relevant to ministry and global mission.
  • Serve effectively in those ministry capacities for which the particular degree program was intended to provide preparation.

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