2019-20 Academic Calendar

Fall 2019

August 19 First Day of Fall Semester
August 22

First Chapel of Fall Semester

(Chapel meets every Thursday morning at 8am.)

September 8 VBTS Convocation at Colonial Baptist Church
September 17

Constitution Day

October 7–11

Fall Reading Week

October 12

Annual Fall Picnic

October 24 Pastor's Conference (Guest Speaker: Randy Patten)
November 21 VBTS Student Council
November 25–29 Thanksgiving Break
December 2 Spring Registration Open
December 6 Last Day of Fall Semester
December 13 Spring Registration Deadline

Spring 2020

January 6 First Day of Spring Semester
January 9

First Chapel of Spring Semester

(Chapel meets every Thursday morning at 8am.)

February 17–21

Spring Reading Week


Grace Essentials Pastors' Conference

April 6–10

Spring Break

April 10 Summer Registration Open
April 21 VBTS Golf Classic
April 24

Summer Registration Deadline

Last Day of Spring Semester

April 30

Student Council

May 1 President's Reception
May 3 VBTS Graduation

Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Class Schedule To Be Determined