Baptist History and Polity

Michael H. Windsor

Wednesdays 9:00am–12:15pm

Baptist History and Polity will investigate the history of Baptist churches from 17th century England to their present global ministry.  The course will look at Baptist historiography, major developments and significant doctrinal identity for the movement. Major topics covered include: Baptist origins and the historiography of Baptist successionism; early English Baptists; the development of associations among Baptists; the development of the missionary movement among Baptists; C. H. Spurgeon and the “Down-Grade Controversy”; colonial Baptists in America and their influence on religious liberty; landmarkism; Contemporary Baptist organization; and Baptist polity. It is expected that this course will cause the student to: 1) expand his/her knowledge of Baptist heritage; 2) develop his/her awareness of the ecclesiastical identity of Baptists; 3) become cognizant of significant issues among Baptists; and 4) make contemporary applications to potential ministry situations. 3 credit hours.

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Course Textbook

Baptist History - McBeth 

Course Requirements

  • 50% - Research Paper (20 pages)
  • 30% - McBeth Questions
  • 20% - Course Reading