Christ & Salvation

Eric J. Lehner

Spring 2019

Thursdays 9:30a–12:45p

Christ and Salvation is an introduction to the biblical doctrine of the person and work of Christ, and the biblical doctrine of salvation. As a result of attending the lectures, participating in class and small group discussions, completing the reading, and writing the position papers, the student will be able to:
1) demonstrate comprehension of the scope the doctrine of Christ, including the biblical teaching on Christ’s preexistence and virgin birth, His humanity and deity, the union of His natures, His kenosis, His death and atoning work, his resurrection and ascension;
2) demonstrate comprehension of the scope of the doctrine of salvation, including the biblical teaching on election, calling, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, union with Christ, sanctification, eternal security, perseverance, assurance, and glorification;
3) compose theological expressions in terms that are conscious of and consistent with his/her own methodological principles; and
4) assess the validity of alternative theological positions in terms that are conversant with issues in theological method. 

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Course Textbooks


  Systematic Theology 3 - Demarest  Systematic Theology 3 - Grudem 



Course Requirements

  • 30% - Reading (approx. 1500 pages)
  • 30% - Quizzes (weekly)
  • 40% - Position Papers (2 @ 7-8 pages)