Marriage & Family Counseling

Roger DePriest

Spring 2020

Wednesdays 9:00a–12:15p

This course will address issues primarily related to marriage and family matters. The course will begin by examining the biblical foundations of the home as an institution designed by God. Among other things, it will discuss and biblically engage the following concepts: a theology of marriage, biblical convictions for the home, biblical roles within the home, Christ-like communication, the basics of biblical parenting, and common counseling issues related to marriage and family concerns. Note: This course has a required prerequisite - Introduction to Biblical Counseling.

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
1) teach and counsel a theology of marriage using key biblical passages;
2) construct his/her own biblical convictions for the home;
3) outline the roles of husbands and wives with a view toward counseling strategies;
4) recognize the basic principles underlying authentic (i.e., biblical) parenting;
5) understand and teach the principles of Christ-like communication; and
6) design creative homework assignments for common family-related issues. 

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Course Textbooks

*In addition to the textbooks above, the student will be required to read an additional 100 pages of collateral reading from various articles and blogs on the topics of husband-wife relations, role of the husband, role of the wife, parenting young children, and parenting teenagers. 

Course Requirements

  • 25% – Course Textbook Reading (1400 pages)
  • 5% – Collateral Reading and Posted Annotations (100 pages)
  • 20% – Class Participation/Summaries
  • 25% – Written Exercises (#1: Homework Worksheets; #2: Reading Worksheets) 
  • 25% – Theology of Marriage Paper (10-12 pages)