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Upon completion of this brief form, applicants will be granted access to the full application form. Click here to review the various components of the full application. 

What's Next

After completing the form above, applicants will be redirected to the full application form which will guide the student through the following components.

Personal Information

The applicant will provide the following personal information:

Name | Gender | Date of Birth | Birthplace | Address | Email | Phone | Family Information | Emergency Contact | Military Service | Occupation | Church | Ordination | Photograph

Educational Information

The applicant will provide the following educational information about all undergraduate and graduate institutions he or she has attended.

School Name(s) | School Address(es) | Dates Attended | Degree(s) Earned

Personal Testimony

The applicant will submit a 250+ word document that includes the following:

Personal account of conversion | Description of personal ministry involvement | Explanation of why seminary will prepare the applicant for future ministry


The applicant will provide an email address for the following types of references:

Pastoral Reference | Business Reference | Academic Reference

Church Endorsement

The applicant will submit a church endorsement form to the church where he or she is currently a member. This form will be completed by the church leadership and sent to VBTS.

Official Transcripts

The applicants will have official transcripts of all his or her undergraduate and graduate work sent to the seminary. 

Student Affirmations

The applicant will read and respond to the following institutional documents:

VBTS Student Code of Conduct | VBTS Doctrinal Statement

Interview with the Academic Dean

Every applicant will have an interview with the VBTS Academic Dean. Although it is preferable that every interview be completed in person, the interview can be completed over the phone if necessary.

Additional Components for a DMin Application

Those making application to the Doctor of Ministry degree will be asked to provide the following additional components:

Resume | Academic Writing Sample (a thesis or major research project)