Alumnus Spotlight – Michael Wilburn

I recently had the opportunity to visit Lexington Baptist Church, pastored by Michael Wilburn (alumnus of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary). Located in the backyard of the Civil War and nestled in the mountains of central Virginia, Lexington Baptist Church is a thriving community of believers. After spending a morning with these brothers and sisters in Christ, I left refreshed – for several reasons:            

The Intergenerational Congregation: A welcoming mix of parents with kids in their arms, teenagers, and elderly couples. I was told by a VMI graduate that during the school year, the church is well-attended by college students from Washington & Lee and VMI. All in all, a wonderful mix of energy and wisdom.

The Tasteful Blend of Music Styles: The Music Ministry team beautifully integrated handbells, guitars, piano, keyboard, organ, trumpet, flute, and the clarinet into the different elements of the worship service.

The Intentional Worship: Not only were the songs beautiful, but they were crafted so that the lyrics of one song would lead into the lyrics of the next song. For example, the focus of the cross was accentuated in the immediate transition between the singing of “The Power of the Cross” and “At the Cross.” Very moving.

The Challenging Message: Pastor Wilburn used 1 Corinthians 3 as a launching point to speak about the church. In a nutshell, he preached that the church is a temple 1) founded on Jesus Christ, 2) tested by fire, 3) made alive by the Holy Spirit, and 4) guarded by the holiness of God.  He concluded with the thought that the church’s purity is guarded by personal holiness and meaningful membership.

The Direction of the Church: As Pastor Wilburn discussed the future of Lexington Baptist Church, he said, “We are not content to remain where we’re at. Our church has an obligation to the Great Commission.”

May the Lord bless this church, and all other churches around the world, whose corporate desire is so clearly to honor and exalt the name of the Lord – not only amongst themselves on Sunday morning, but also to the world around them throughout the rest of the week.


Jonathan Romaine on June 12, 2013 2:24pm

Impressed with what God is doing at Lexington Baptist Church. I recently had the privilege to meet with Pastor Wilburn and his church and they were a blessing and have a true passion to glorify God and meet the community of Lexington, Virginia, and the World with the gospel!

To God be the glory!
Jonathan Romaine