Legacy Giving


There are a myriad of ways you can provide a lasting legacy for what is important to you or those close to you. Leaving a legacy of charitable giving for future generations is a rewarding and noble act. There are various ways you can leave a charitable gift and at the same time provide for the future of your loved ones. 

A classic example of this is Jane Reuter, who left such a legacy through a generous estate gift to VBTS.  Mrs. Reuter desired that the proceeds of her gift be used to financially assist seminary students so that they could be educated and trained for ministry at VBTS.

Through this gift, VBTS has already provided almost $70,000 in the form of 14 scholarships to future pastors and missionaries to enable their preparation for service.  Since the proceeds from her donation were invested, this will continue to provide scholarships for years to come. Her gift has been both a blessing to students and an encouragement to others who have followed in her path and given a gift that lasts beyond our time in this life. 


A simple way to support the ministry of preparing future pastors and missionaries to “rightly handle the word of truth” is to leave a bequest to VBTS in your will.

A bequest can take the form of:

  • The remainder of your estate after providing for your family
  • A percentage of your estate
  • A specific dollar amount
  • The addition of a child named “Charity” to your estate plans, directing those funds to VBTS


These vehicles can be structured to provide for any number of contingencies and in some situations may be superior to a will.  As with wills, a trust can even enable future changes as priorities shift or new issues arise.

Beneficiary Designation Gifts

Instead of a will or trust, some have chosen to put VBTS down as the beneficiary of specific assets such as:

  • IRA, 401K, or 403B
  • Life insurance policy
  • Publicly traded stocks and bonds
  • Mutual fund shares
  • Savings bonds

For help and guidance with any of the above, we encourage you to seek competent legal advice and assistance.  If you do not already have access to such guidance, we would be happy to provide a list of recommended firms you could consider. 

For a list of recommended firms or for questions regarding legacy giving, please contact Tony Brazas at 757-479-3706 or .