Chaplain as a Staff Officer

Capt. Steven D. Brown (Ret.)

This course describes in detail the Staff Officer Responsibilities of the Military Chaplain. While the Military Chaplain functions as a Pastor, Missionary, and Evangelist in the execution of the Command Religious Program (CRP), it is often the Chaplain’s Staff Officer expertise that ultimately enables the cultural integration and successful execution of the CRP. As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to: a) adapt local church ministry and its administrative and staff responsibilities into the unique and restricted access institutional military culture and b) gain practical and contemporary guidance from currently serving Military Chaplains. 3 credit hours.

Capt. Steven Brown has served at VBTS as an adjunct professor in military chaplaincy since 2013, when he retired from 33 years of Active and Reserve chaplaincy in the Navy and Marine Corps. Capt. Brown serves full-time as the President of Associated Gospel Churches (AGC), which currently endorses 100 active duty and reserve military chaplains. Capt. Brown earned his degrees at Bob Jones University (BA, MA, MDiv, DD), Trinity International University (MRE), and Southern California Seminary (DD). Read more....

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25% – Reading
30% – Command Religious Plan (CRP) Writing Project
25% – Writing Projects
25% – Interview Project

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