Exposition of Acts

Daniel K. Davey

This course will examine the background, purpose, structure, and content of the Book of Acts. Since this course is designed to be an interpretation of the English Text, all students – MBS and MDIV – may enroll without regard to a student’s ability to handle the original language. However, special attention will involve notable words, phrases and concepts which will depend upon the Greek Text. In addition, for those students who desire to dig deep into the original language, the class assignments will allow for such particular attention. The nature of this course will not only seek exactness of interpretation, but also raise a number of practical and theological issues. Several of these issues will be addressed and allow the student to think through the implications of the Acts Text for local church ministry.

As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to demonstrate a comprehension of the Acts Text. This will include an understanding of the historical backgrounds of the text, the structure and purpose of the book, and several practical implications which affect the church today.  3 credit hours.

Dr. Daniel Davey is the President and Professor of Bible Exposition at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. He has taught students and led the seminary since 1995. In 2015, after 33 years of pastoral ministry at Colonial Baptist Church, Dr. Davey resigned from the senior pastorate to focus his full-time efforts on the presidency of Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. Dr. Davey earned his academic degrees at Liberty University (BA), Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis (MDiv), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM), and Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis (ThD). Read more....

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10% – English Bible Reading (5x)
20% – Reading (650 pages)
30% – Evaluations of Longenecker Reading (10)
40% – Research Project

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