Greek Grammar 2

Thomas K. Dailey

Spring 2023 |  3 credit hours

A continuation of Greek Grammar 1, this course continues to develop the student’s ability to recognize Greek morphology with particular reference to the verbal system. Students will also continue their development of semantics, grammar, and the process of translating the Greek NT.

Students giving requisite attention to the course requirements and actively participating in the course discussions, translation exercises, and vocabulary drills will emerge from this course: a) mastering the vocabulary words that occur over 50 times in the Greek NT; b) understanding the significance of the various morphological features in the verbal system of NT Greek, specifically: aspect, voice, mood, person, number, the infinitive, and the participle; and c) translating substantive (though elementary) portions of the Greek NT and in the process incorporating the first steps to exegetical analysis in Second and Third John.

Dr. Thomas Dailey is the Professor of New Testament at Virginia Beach Theological Seminary. He has served at VBTS since 1999 in various roles as the Instructor of New Testament, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Associate Professor of Biblical Theology and Exegesis, and Associate Professor of New Testament. He received his MDiv from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, his ThM from Virginia Beach Theological Seminary, and his PhD from Clark Summit University.  Read more....

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30% – Workbook Exercises
40% – Vocabulary & Grammar Quizzes
15% – Midterm Exam
15% – Final Exam